Google Cardboard is notable for letting people experience virtual reality for a very low entry cost. HYPER’s new virtual reality headset bumps that cost up a bit, but not by much, and it sounds like a pretty impressive package for just fifty bucks.

The BOBOVR Z4 Smartphone Virtual Headset is the first of its kind to offer a 120-degree field of view and integrated 3D surround sound headphones. It will work with any iPhone, Android, or Windows smartphone that’s in between four and six inches. You simply need a Google Cardboard compatible app or any app that can display 2 screen, stereoscopic content.

Though the 120-degree field of view sounds pretty nice, it’s the built-in headphones that have my attention. Google Cardboard is intended to be the poor man’s VR, and it excels quite nicely in that regard, but I see nothing wrong with HYPER elevating it to the frugal man’s VR.

The BOBOVR Z4 Smartphone Virtual Headset will be available in March (that’s this month!) for $59.99, though it can be pre-ordered now for $49.99. Check out the full press release below for all the details.

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HYPER Introduces BOBOVR Z4 Smartphone Virtual Reality Headet

Best Featured Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset with Built-in 3D Surround Sound Headphones and Unparalleled 120 FOV at only $49.99

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 FREMONT, CALIFORNIA: Sanho Corporation – best known for the HYPER line of mobile accessories – today announce the availability of BOBOVR Z4 Smartphone Virtual Reality Headset.

BOBOVR Z4 is the first Google Cardboard based smartphone virtual reality headset that features integrated 3D surround sound headphones and immersive 120 field of view. It will work with any 4-6″ iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone together with a Google Cardboard compatible app or any app that displays 2 screen, stereoscopic content.

“BOBOVR Z4 allows the wearer to immediately dive into the most immersive virtual reality world with total sight and sound experience, just by slipping on the headset. No need to deal with tiny built-in smartphone speakers or separate cumbersome wired/wireless headphones that degrades the overall VR experience. BOBOVR Z4 is the total package that delivers the ultimate VR experience” says Daniel Chin, founder and CEO of HYPER.

Features at a glance
Google Cardboard compatible smartphone virtual reality headset
Works with any 4-6″ iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone
Works with any Google Cardboard compatible or sterepscopic app
Unparalleled immersive 120 field of view at 35mm focal distance
Built-in 3D surround sound headphones
40mm diaphragm which delivers clear treble and explosive bass
Low 32ohm impedance to allow smartphone to reach high audio volume without distortion or need of a separate audio amplifier
Semi transparent front cover to support augmented reality AR applications
IPD (inter pupillary distance) adjustment
Focus adjustment to cater to 0~800 myopia and 0~400 hyperopia
Audio volume adjustment, play/pause media, answer phone calls directly from the VR headset
Mechanical Google Cardboard trigger button
Leather lined face padding that is comfortable and blocks out external light
Ventilation around smartphone and face to prevent smartphone from overheating and lenses from fogging up
Only 410g with head straps to provide even weight distribution around the head, allowing prolong wear with minimal fatigue

Pricing and availability
BOBOVR Z4 will begin shipping in late March 2016.
MSRP of the BOBOVR Z4 will be $59.99
HYPER is currently accepting pre-orders at at a special price of $49.99


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