Action cameras are a pretty big deal, with people capturing their adventures on snowboards, skateboards, and non-board related activities. 360 cameras are also a pretty big deal, as more people are experimenting with this format of photo and video. And virtual reality is a big deal too. Why not throw all of these together with the Camorama 360 camera and get the best of all the worlds?


You might or might not remember when Camorama popped up with a successful Kickstarter campaign last fall, followed by a successful Indiegogo campaign this past January. With some much-needed capital injection, the company is now in full swing and the unique 360-degree 4K action camera is widely available for purchase.

The first thing that really struck me with this camera is that it only contains one lens. When you look at other 360 cameras out there, they need two lenses. That’s because the resulting image/video from a Camorama camera isn’t spherical. Instead, you get the full 360-degree field of view along one axis and 230 degrees of vision along the other axis. You can see how this plays out in the skydiving demo video above.

What can see offers stunning quality by way of the Sony IMX377 sensor and Ambarella S2E88 processor. You can shoot up to 4K video (2880 x 2880) at 30 frames per second or you can experiment with 210fps slow motion at 960 x 960 pixel resolution. The camera itself has a bright f/2.4 aperture too. You also get WiFi, 128GB of on-board storage, and an on-board speaker.

There are at least two other critical features that really set this 360 camera apart. First, like the Polaroid Cube+ I reviewed last summer, it’s got a magnetic body. This makes it far easier to set up just about anywhere, like attaching it to walls or cars or lamp posts. Second, it’s splashproof, so you can feel more confident when shooting in less than bone-dry conditions.

The Camorama 4K action VR and 360 camera is available now for $399 at Amazon. Best of all, you can edit and share your unique 360 videos directly on your mobile device, including videos of up to 90 minutes in length. This includes the circular 360-degree mode, as well as little planet, virtual mode (for VR goggles) and 360-degree panoramic mode.

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