It looks like Fossil is really taking this smart wearable thing seriously. Following up on the Fossil Q Founder and other smartwatches released last year, the company has now added the new Fossil Q Marshal and the Fossil Q Wander to its list. Both of these are Android Wear smartwatches with round faces and they’ll be a part of some 100 wearable devices to be launched by Fossil this year.

Yes, you read that right. Fossil wants to launch one hundred wearables this year. They won’t all be fancy-schmancy Fossil Q smartwatches, of course, as several of them could be smaller and more affordable fitness and activity trackers instead. Even so, that’s way more than what most other companies would put out in a year across their entire product lines, let alone “just” with wearables. Remember that Fossil makes regular stuff too, like wallets and belts.

Not too many surprises will come along with the Fossil Q Marshal or the Fossil Q Wander. They’ll give you the same functionality as just about every other round-faced Android Wear smartwatch. The Q Marshal is the slightly larger of the two with its 46mm “rugged” case in a navy blue finish, while the Q Wander is a little more feminine with its gold-finished 44mm case and soft lines.

Since these are both renders and we’re seeing all-black watchfaces, my guess is that these two smartwatches will suffer from the same “flat tire” we see in comparable devices like the Moto 360. Both watches should be available “later this year” with prices starting at $275. Compare that to the $200 Pebble Time Round, though a “fashion” brand like Fossil plus the more universal branding of Android Wear could justify the added cost.

Via The Verge

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