In an age of eating healthy, low fat, low carb, low salt, high protein, high fiber, don’t eat this, eat that, this is good for you until it isn’t, I like butter. Real butter. Salted for everyday use, unsalted for baking or cooking. I keep my butter in a covered dish on my kitchen counter, and that leads to problems. In winter it’s almost as hard as if I’d left it in the refrigerator, while in summer it ends up melting and making a huge mess.

This is where the Bi?m Butter Sprayer comes in, because while having butter that is too hard or too soft is pretty much the definition of a first world problem, it’s still a problem with a way to solve it. What Bi?m does is take a regular stick of butter, straight out of the refrigerator, and within seconds turns it into a liquid you can spray over your food.

Yes, I am aware that there are sprayable margarines out there. I’ve even tried some. I hate margarine.

Check out how it works in the video below… It’s really pretty neat!

The Bi?m Butter Sprayer actually solves more than one problem, though, which is neat! There are those who are convinced you cannot store butter outside of the refrigerator for fear of getting sick, and since it uses a cold stick of butter that’s covered. There are those who end up using entirely too much butter because they don’t understand how far it will go when it melts, and since this is a spray that covers more area you’ll actually end up using less while still getting the same flavour. And it’s environmentally friendly, since the propulsion for the mist is just air as opposed to some chemical compound.


Bi?m’s Kickstarter campaign is over, but they surpassed their funding goal by more than three times. You can preorder one for $129.00 US. That will get you one Bi?m Butter Sprayer, a “high density” battery, and a charger. Estimated delivery is this September.

Source: Gizmodo

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