January 19, 2011, Gothenburg, Sweden – Fractal Design, a leading European manufacturer of cases, power supplies, and cooling products for desktop computers has kicked off the launch of the Fractal brand and products in the United States at CES 2011.  This Swedish based company has won multiple awards for its brilliantly designed premium cases for desktop PCs.

Fractal Design unveiled their widely acclaimed Define Series R3, XL, Mini and Array cases. Also shown, were their two newest families of cases: the highly anticipated, high-performance – ARC Series, and the aggressive, yet value priced – Core Series as well as their premium line of case fans, PSUs and accessories.

We are very pleased with the amazing response we got at CES 2011.  Fractal Design has done extremely well in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada, and now we are excited to finally bring the Fractal brand and our unique product lines to the US market.  We will be launching with select partners and expect product to be available in the US during the second half of ’Q1,” said Paul Heimbuch, President of Fractal Design North America.

Now launching in the US, Fractal Design has already been a hit in the Canadian, Japanese and Australian markets.

“In a few short months, Fractal Design has become one of our top selling case lines,” said Linus Sebastian of NCIX Canada.  “We expect the latest Fractal case offerings to explode demand for Fractal Design product in the US and Canada.”

With the continued evolution of the acclaimed Define Series of cases and the new Arc and Core Series of products, Fractal Design continues to be a leader in case innovation and has established itself as the case company that “listens”.

“When we first saw the Fractal Define series of cases, we knew they were on to something.” said Kevin Wasielewski, CEO and Co-Founder of Origin PC. “The clean yet elegant styling should appeal to a very broad market segment of PC enthusiasts, and the out-of-the-box design/performance considerations were something we were very impressed with. In fact, we will be working closely with Fractal on future designs to help create what we feel will be nearly optimal case products for our customers and PC enthusiasts worldwide.”

This commitment to the enthusiast community and the passion to provide premium features and elegant styling, while maintaining unsurpassed value, has become a key differentiator for Fractal Design.

“Attention to detail and creative, yet practical features, set the Fractal Design cases apart from the competition,” said Colin Ormsby, an Editor at TheBestCaseScenario.com “It’s clear Fractal is listening to the enthusiast and modder community.”

The success and momentum at CES 2011 is something the company expects to leverage and build on rolling into the US market over the coming months.

“Fractal Design is setting a new standard of features, value and style in the case world,” said Keeton Grant of Hardware Canucks.  “It’s amazing how far Fractal Design has come in such a short period of time.”

More information about Fractal Design products is available at www.fractal-design.com

About Fractal Design –
Fractal Design, based in Gothenburg, Sweden is one of the leading manufacturers of PC cases, power supplies and cooling products in Europe. The company was founded in 2007 by a team of Swedish engineers who have carefully listened to the needs of customers.  The company’s PC cases have won multiple awards and are renowned for combining high quality workmanship with striking design features, superior performance
and excellent value.

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