This seems to be the season for the budget minded crowd, which is expected with the fall semester just starting up. BitFenix is quickly becoming well known for their elegant, well thought out case designs. Lets take a look their first inverted ATX case, the Outlaw.

The most obvious thing to notice about the Outlaw is the design for your ATX motherboard to be placed from the right side, upside-down. Lining the GPU section up with 5.25″ bay allows space for extra long cards to fit into this mid-tower case. The inverted design also leaves the top two fan slots dedicated to airflow for the graphics cards along.

Not to leave this as the only design feature, BitFenix included space for up to 8 fans. The Outlaw also comes with their exclusive sofTouch Surface Treatment, has four 5.25″ bays, four 3.5″ bays, four USB 2.0 front panel plugs, and completely black style (outside, inside, and cables). The MSRP of $49 (39€) for this case puts in in a price range were many of these features are rare.

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Today, gaming hardware designer BitFenix is pleased to launch its latest gaming chassis. Named Outlaw, this mid-tower ATX enclosure offers premium features, innovative layout, and superior styling at a groundbreaking price point.

“We set out to design a value gaming chassis like no other on the market, and the result of that is Outlaw,” says BitFenix Product Manager David Jarlestedt. “Offering features normally found on chassis twice the price, Outlaw is a gaming case that really does break all the rules.”

One look at Outlaw reveals something truly unique in this segment. The motherboard tray is flipped upside down, placing the graphics card close to the top of the case. By doing so, Outlaw not only delivers enhanced cooling to graphics cards via the top fan vents, but also allows the installation of extra-long VGA cards so gamers can outfit their system with the latest firepower available.

While priced very affordably, Outlaw comes with many of the same features that are found on more expensive enclosures. On the exterior, gamers can look forward to a handsomely crafted front bezel that’s coated with signature BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface Treatment for stain resistance and a luxuriously soft feel. Four high-speed USB 2.0 ports offer excellent connectivity, while the black coated interior and black cabling lend Outlaw an even more premium look and feel. With Outlaw, users can experience the quality and attention to detail that has garnered BitFenix nearly 200 awards worldwide.

But looking good is one thing; performing well is another. Outlaw is definitely no slouch in the cooling department. Aside from the stock 120 mm fan, gamers can install up to 7 additional 120 mm fans for a total of eight, and the two fan locations on the side panel can also be upgraded to 140 mm fans for added airflow. For water cooling enthusiasts, two water cooling holes also come standard.

Outlaw is also designed to give users maximum expansion possibilities. With four 5.25″ and four 3.5″ drive bays, users have plenty of room to expand their system, and with the included 2.5″ SSD mount, users can equip their Outlaw with the latest in SSD technology. Along with the seven included PCI slots, gamers have all the room they need to make their Outlaw a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes time to put their system together, users will definitely appreciate the DIY-friendly features that are included with Outlaw. A large CPU cutout makes short work of swapping CPU coolers, and thoughtful cable management features make it easy to keep your system tangle-free. All drives can be secured using easy-to-use thumbscrews for added stability and tool-free installation.

BitFenix Outlaw will be available on store shelves beginning September 2011 with an estimated MSRP of 39€ (incl. 19% VAT) and $49.


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