Summer will eventually be here, and that means many of you will be heading for the beach. We all know how hard it is to carry a cell phone when you’re in and out of the water, and there aren’t often clocks at the beach. Sure, you could wear a watch, but then you’d get a tan line around it, and who wants that? Then there are people like me who burn if we so much as walk across a parking lot in direct sunlight, so we’d be using a parasol anyway to prevent a disaster.

It works basically like a sundial, proving that technology really does come full circle now and then. There is a compass built into the handle, so it’s easy to orient yourself so North points at you and South points at 12 on the parasol. From there, you simply have to look at where the sun shines through the fabric to roughly guess the time. The vertical lines on the printed grid indicate the hours, while the horizontal lines indicate the Summer & Winter solstices and the Spring & Autumn equinoxes.

If you want one, you’ll have to find a retailer near you, as it is not available to the general public. But the list price is around $35.00 US if you happen to find it.

Source: Oh Gizmo!

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