All the kids these days want their smartphones "unlocked" and their eyebrows "on fleek." I can't help you with that second one, but I can help you with the first if you're in the market for a SIM-free iPhone X. Originally, if you wanted an unlocked model of Apple's latest, you had to go through either Verizon or Best Buy, where you would pay a $100 premium and buy the phone outright (that is, until a torrent of complaints resulted in Best Buy switching to monthly payments only). Now, however, you can go straight through Apple.

If you go to their website, through the App store, or into an Apple brick-and-mortar store, you can now purchase a SIM-free iPhone X in GSM or CDMA varieties. You'll then be able to take that phone to any carrier you choose. The device itself really isn't any different than the one you could have gotten through Verizon, which also let you choose between GSM or CDMA, but you need an actual Verizon account to go through the company. Verizon has sold unlocked phones for years.

So now travelers who frequently swap cell networks or operating systems can easily get their hands on a SIM-free iPhone X.

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