This is pretty much old hat at this point. Remember when all the MacBooks were white and you had to pay a premium to get the black one? And then all the Macbooks were black, so you had a pay a premium to get the white one? Remember when Apple decided to sell us a pink phone, but they called it Rose Gold instead? Get ready to go through this all over again as here is the Copper Gold iPhone 8.

The leaked images were shared by iPhone in Canada, which found them on Slashleaks, which in turn picked them by way of Chinese social network Weibo. That's how Internet leaks work these days, as you know. It's all one big game of telephone, which just feels oddly appropriate.

The new Copper Gold color for the iPhone 8 expands upon the less exciting black and jet black from last year to add another gold variation to the mix. The back has a penny-like copper look to it, but rosier. To add to the glimmer, the metal frame all the way around the phone is also gold.

I suspect this color would be more popular among the ladies in the audience, but it hasn't been completely out of the ordinary to spot a dude with a rose gold iPhone either. I know nothing about fashion. But I do know that at least a few people would like to see the return of the regular white iPhone.

Chalk up this Copper Gold business next to the never-ending deluge of other iPhone 8 rumors, from the movement of the home button, to the new advanced facial recognition technology, to the possible removal of the Touch ID fingerprint reader, to the new dual camera setup, to the higher 2436 x 1125 resolution screen... the list never ends until the actual phone shows up on stage.

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