It’s that time again! Although not all of the flash drives in this selection are goofy shapes, they do all offer something unique. And really, what more can you expect from them? Reality says it’s a flash drive…it’s about as exciting as any other data storage device. But there are, as always, a few here that I may need to own soon.

First up is Boba Fett. If you don’t know who he is, you are no longer allowed to read my posts. OK, just kidding… you probably need to read them more than everyone else, now that I think about it. Anyway, this one offers just 4GB of storage (although there is a 2GB version available as well), and stands about three inches tall. It would appear that you pop off his helmet to access the actual drive. Pricing on the 4GB is £26.99 (about $43.00 US) or about $18.00 US for the 2GB.

Source: Geek Alerts


Up next is one for just about everyone. Every NFL team is available, so you’ll be able to choose your favourite. These team-branded flash drives offer 8GB of storage, and feature a capless design. A metal swivel reveals the USB plug so you can access your files. Each one measures just about three inches by one inch by a half-inch, and has a loop so you can easily attach it to your key chain. Best part? These are all currently on sale for just $10.00 US ($9.99 US off MSRP).



I may have featured this one before, but I like it. Because I like chocolate. The trouble will be keeping from nibbling on it (much to your disappointment, I must say) late at night when you’re feeling peckish. This one is made of rubber, and offers you 16GB of storage. Two squares of chocolate act as the cap. You can make one yours for about $15.00 US, although this one ships from China.

Source: 7 Gadgets


You know what I find weird? USB 3.0 technology has been around for quite some time, yet easily 90% of flash drives don’t use it. They’re all USB 2.0. This one, however, is not. This one takes full advantage of available technology to give you the fastest speeds at read/write speeds of up to 85MB/s and 22MB/s. Not only that, but they’re waterproof and dustproof as well. Pricing hasn’t yet been announced for these, but should be coming soon. They’ll come in either 8GB, 16GB or 32GB sizes.

Source: TechFresh


R2-D2! I’ve always had a soft spot for him, ever since I was a kid and watched my first Star Wars movie (back when Episode IV was actually the first one). And of course this is a MIMOBOT flash drive from Mimoco, which puts it even nearer and dearer to my heart. He includes the usual software package, complete with wallpapers and sound files, of course. This particular model is 16GB and the price is slashed to $29.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know this one was unveiled at CES 2013 by Kingston, and it’s all some folks can talk about ever since. This one is not just USB 3.0, and not just from Kingston (which pretty much guarantees its quality). It’s also 1TB. Yeah, you read that right. One terabyte of storage, right there in your pocket or hanging from your keychain. If that’s too much for you, they also offer a 512GB model, but really…if you’re going to do it, why not go all the way? Of course, you’re going to pay for it; the 512GB model is going to cost you $1,750.00 US. I don’t see how much the 1TB version costs, but then it doesn’t actually matter. I can’t afford one anyway.

Source: DigitalTrends


Let’s move on from ridiculously high capacity to ridiculously small exteriors, shall we? The good thing is that this one is small enough you can leave it stored in a USB port even on your laptop (kind of like the receiver for your wireless mouse, no?). The bad thing is that if you remove it and leave it somewhere, the odds exponentially increase that you’re going to lose it due to its tiny size. It does include some pretty good encryption and a password security system in case you do lose it. Pricing is $58.91 US for 16GB of storage and $91.03 US for the 32GB.

Source: Red Ferret


If for some odd reason R2-D2 isn’t your thing, maybe you’d rather have Star Trek? Choose from Mr. Spock or Captain Kirk, and watch your friends’ jealousy as you enjoy wallpapers, sound files, and other cool software from Mimoco. Yup, these are MIMOBOTs, and as such come with all the cool stuff you’ve come to expect from them. These particular models are 8GB each and will run you $24.00 US.

Source: Geek Alerts


You’ve heard the phrase “bite the bullet” right? I don’t recommend doing that here. It is, however, waterproof and shockproof in case you find it necessary to put it in your mouth, though. The finish is polished gold (OK, probably not real gold, but whatever) and is made of metal. You’ll find this one a little larger than you’d think, but still small enough to carry easily. Price is $13.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


And now for something completely different! This may only offer 4GB of storage, but the connectors are where you win. One end is a micro-USB port, while the other is a standard USB port but with a built-in microSD card slot. Which means if you don’t have a card reader, you can still use it with all your devices, smartphones and tablets (other than Apple) included! You can pick one up for just 1,499 Yen, or about $17.00 US.

Source: TechFresh


From the “Wait, what?” files…a USB drive implanted at the end of a shovel handle. The shovel is even obviously one that has been used as intended, since it’s still crusted and caked with dirt. OK, so this isn’t anything you would ever want to buy even if you could, because seriously…how the heck are you supposed to use this as a flash drive? But some guy in Russia thought it was a good idea, so he built one. Too bad no one knows his name, or he’d be internet famous.

Source: Gizmodo


I’m Batman. No, I’m Batman! Well, whoever is right, this particular flash drive certainly looks like the Dark Knight. I’m pretty sure I’ve featured him before, too, but that’s just fine. He bears repeating. When you pop off his head to use the flash drive, his torso acts as a USB port. Both pieces light up when in use (eyes on the head and bat symbol on the chest), and are made of metal with plating finish. These are currently on sale for $67.99 US from $99.99 US, but there are very limited quantities in stock, so act quickly.

Source: 7 Gadget

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