Are you one of those people who sings in the shower? I never really have been, but then I’m not one to sing when there isn’t already music playing to help me stay somewhere in the neighbourhood of the correct key. If I get some music going, though, it’s game on depending on the artist in question. I used to keep a radio in the bathroom, but it ended up getting destroyed from the humidity. So now my bathroom is a silent place, devoid of singing (which I’m sure makes anyone else in the house grateful).

Adesso has just launched a speaker that could meet my needs pretty admirably, however. Their new Xtream S1 Bluetooth® 3.0 Waterproof Speaker is meant to be used in the shower or bathtub, around the pool, out in the rain… anywhere you might want music but have typically not been able to have it for fear your speakers would get wet and ruined. Sure, this isn’t a new concept, but these are neat little guys that won’t take up much room.

Each Xtream S1 Bluetooth® 3.0 Waterproof Speaker is an approximately 3.25-inch cube, and each has a detachable suction cup base that makes it ideal for sticking to bathroom tile. They’ve got a waterproof silicone exterior, come in five different colours, and carry an internal rechargeable battery that lasts for about seven hours of music. When it needs to be charged, all you have to do is plug in the included microUSB cable and you’re good to go. It even offers an omni-directional microphone so you can talk on the phone without worrying about getting it wet. As the name implies, it connects to your phone’s music library via Bluetooth. I should note that “waterproof” in this case means “can withstand heavy splashing and rain.” Don’t go dumping it in the pool or something, because you probably won’t win.

I’m really considering getting one of these. Maybe not so much for singing in the shower, but for hanging out in my yard, or to use in the kitchen while I’m cooking. It pairs to your phone up to 30 feet away, so the backyard would work out perfectly. Then in addition to talking to the plants in my little herb garden, I could serenade them as well! Although on second thought, maybe that’s not such a good idea. I want them to thrive, not cower.

[hide-this-part morelink=”Full Press Release”]Walnut, CA — Jul 08, 2014 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) — Adesso Inc., a leading manufacturer of computer input peripherals and audio devices, today announced the release of Adesso® Xtream™ S1 Bluetooth® Waterproof Speaker. Designed to play your favorite tunes in the shower, at the beach, kitchen, or pool, the Xtream™ S1 waterproof speaker brings incredibly rich audio and exceptional treble streamed wirelessly from your favorite Bluetooth® mobile device.


Available in five vibrant colors, Xtream™ S1 is stylishly compact and portable, and fits snugly in a jacket pocket or a handbag. The sturdy, silicone exterior makes it water, dust, and shock resistant, while making it easy to clean using soap and water or a disinfectant. Xtream™ S1’s easy-to-use controls work together with a built-in Bluetooth® omni-directional microphone, allowing you to make hands-free phone calls while in the middle of a shower.

Xtream S1’s cubic design makes it easy to stack and store, while its silicone surface keeps it from sliding. The detachable suction cup also allows the device to stick to bathroom walls or windows. The long-lasting, built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery brings 7 hours of continuous music play and a “standby” time up to 800 hours. With a sleek, elegant, modern design with 5 colors to choose from, you can now enjoy music or answer calls wherever you are with one press of a button.

For a suggested retail price of $39.99, Adesso® Xtream™ S1 Bluetooth® Waterproof Speaker is available for purchase at major retailers and e-retailers.


• Connection: Bluetooth 3.0
• Music Time: 7 Hours
• Charging Time: 5 Hours
• Battery: Rechargeable 12mAH Li-Polymer Battery
• Microphone Type: Omni-directional
• Standby Time: Up to 800 Hours
• Available Range: Up to 30 feet

• The Adesso® Xtream™ S1’s exterior is made of waterproof silicone material, preventing damage from all kinds of liquid, while making it easy to clean with a wipe of a towel. Perfect for use in the shower or the pool, this device is ranked at IPX-6 Waterproof Standard, able to withstand heavy splashing and rain.
• The Adesso® Xtream™ S1’s Bluetooth® Wireless Technology allows 30 feet of Wireless freedom, with the benefits of low battery consumption, fast pairing, and higher security encryption.
• The Adesso® Xtream™S1’s onmi-directional Microphone allows you to make hands-free phone calls anywhere.
• The Adesso® Xtream™ S1’s detachable suction cup allows the device to stick to smooth surfaces as tiles, glass, or metal.

Adesso Inc.

Founded in 1994, Adesso has since become a manufacturing pioneer in a wide variety of computer input peripherals, including Keyboards, Audio/Video Devices, Handwriting Input Devices, and iPad/PC Tablet Accessories. Committed to providing customers with the most cutting-edge technology and service, Adesso has developed more than 20 worldwide patents in the U.S.A., Taiwan, and China. Retailers and e-retailers that carry Adesso products include Micro Center, Fry’s, Staples, CompUSA, Amazon, Best Buy, Buy.com, CDW, MacMall, Newegg, Tiger Direct, and many others. Adesso’s distributors include Ingram Micro, Synnex, ASI, and D&H.[/hide-this-part]

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