Amazon and its Alexa smart assistant have done a lot in pushing “smart home” technology into the mainstream. But as much as they’ve been able to accomplish, they haven’t really been able to shake the room. Well, if you’re like Meghan Trainor and you’re “all about that bass,” get ready to rattle because the Amazon Echo Sub is real. Queue up “Boom! Shake the Room” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

This is a bit of Amazon playing catch-up with the rest of the smart speaker ecosystem. As useful as the Amazon Echo and Echo Plus may be, they can’t possibly compete on sound quality and sound production as some of their larger counterparts. If you’ve got something like the Sonos Beam, you can pair it up with a Sonos Sub for some real oomph. The Google Home Max is decidedly more robust in the audio department too.

As far as I can gather, the new Amazon Echo Sub isn’t really designed to be used on its own like a Google Home Max. Instead, it’s much more like the Sonos Sub in that it should be combined with an Echo or Echo Plus. Indeed, you can set it up with a stereo pair of Echo speakers for a 2.1 stereo sound experience.

The Amazon Echo Sub itself, which looks somewhere between an ottoman and an Apple HomePod, features the same fabric exterior as its regular Echo cousins. There’s a downward-firing, 6-inch 100W woofer in there for massive bass. Amazon says you set it up through the Alexa app just as you would a regular Echo. It’s wireless, of course, but you’ll naturally need to plug it in for power.

And it’s actually going to be quite affordable too, priced at just $129.99 (US). Pre-orders are being taken now with shipments to follow next month on October 11. Alternatively, you save about $80 when you pick up the bundle with a stereo pair of Echo speakers for $249.97.

Amazon Echo Sub Prepares to Deliver the Boom

Along with the new subwoofer, Amazon also announced a few more items. There’s an Amazon Echo Link for $199.99 and an Amazon Echo Link Amp for $299.99. These work similarly to the Sonos Amp and Connect in that they function as stereo amplifiers with audio-in and audio-out. That way, you can use a separate Echo to control music on your more expensive stereo and speaker equipment, though they don’t have Alexa themselves.

And in another “what took them so long?” kind of moment, Amazon now has its own smart plug too. Set to retail for $25 (pre-orders now, shipping next month), the aptly-named Amazon Smart Plug functions similarly to the smart plugs you get from companies like Belkin WeMo and TP-Link.

As with other smart plugs, the Amazon variant doesn’t have microphones of its own. Instead, you’ll control it via Alexa on an Echo (or your compatible mobile device). The real differentiating factor is that setup is supposed to be a breeze and it’ll integrate more readily within the Amazon ecosystem.

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