There are no shortage of people who want to make it in “the biz” in order to achieve fame and riches. However, according to documents recently published by the New York Times, if you’re looking for money, maybe you should get into the tech industry.

The documents concern donations given to President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and they dissect $180 million that was raised by various parties through 2011 and 2012. While only $9.5 million came from the entertainment sector, which is a little surprising considering some of Obama’s high-profile supporters, $27 million came from people in the tech industry. Los Angeles donors still contributed more than those in Silicon Valley, but $27 million is a large number.

The data published doesn’t cover the Republican side of things, so it’s unknown if Romney is seeing an equal surge in donations from the tech industry. The numbers are clear, though – techies have money and they’re not afraid to use it to help shape the political world. With bills like SOPA and PIPA coming down the pipeline, the tech world has a vested interest in the country’s political climate.

via The Verge

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