Wii U? What Wii U? I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Nintendo is the company responsible for the innovative runaway success that was the Wii and now the equally-innovative upcoming Nintendo Switch, which has enough “wow” factor to entirely erase their previous console from the minds of gamers.

The launch trailer for the Switch – previously known as the NX – isn’t so much about what the console can do, but rather how you can use it. You can kick back on your couch and play it on your television with a standard controller. You can use the Joy-Con controller which can break in two to form two smaller controllers. Or you can remove the console, which is essentially a tablet, from its dock, break the Joy-Con in two, and slide the halves on the sides of the screen and play it like a portable device. Just watch the trailer.

The Switch Pro, the competitive controller, mimics the Gamecube controller by moving the right joystick to the bottom and putting the buttons on top, adjacent to the left joystick. It’s got your standard triggers, and four middle buttons – plus, minus, home, and what people are assuming is some sort of sync button.

We don’t have much in the way of details right now, but we do know the system will feature a custom Tegra processor, it will go on sale in March, and almost 50 game publishers are on board. What we don’t know is the price, but this is Nintendo, so don’t expect a weighty price tag.

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