Good news! If you’re on a limited data plan or you know you’ll be somewhere without coverage, you can still enjoy silly cat videos with the YouTube Go app for Android. Yes, this is an official Google release, letting you download YouTube videos to watch offline at your leisure. For free.

While it is true that offline videos are a feature of YouTube Red, the premium service will cost you $10 a month. YouTube Go, on the other hand, is completely free and won’t cost you a dime. When you’re at a video that you want, you simply choose the quality level and tap the “Save” button.

Here’s where we run into a couple of sticking points. First, you can only choose between “basic” quality and “standard” quality. From what I can gather, “standard” is likely 480p, so you’re not even getting 720p out of this. Second, when I went to check the app listing on the Google Play Store, I notice not only that this app is “unreleased” (and may be unstable), it is also “incompatible with all of [my] devices.”

My suspicion is that because this app is largely being developed for and targeted at developing markets, it’s not really being made available to the rest of us. Because the rest of us are supposed to be paying for YouTube Red. Can you get YouTube Go where you are?

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