So I made it back from PAX Prime in Seattle safe and sound. We’re putting together our coverage of the show, both here on MEGATechNews and on our sister site at Futurelooks, so stay tuned for that. We have some great videos on the way, but in the meantime, let’s see what else was happening in the world of tech.

First, Beth shows off a crazy Celluon Virtual Laser Keyboard that works over Bluetooth. That means that it’s perfectly happy accompanying your smartphone or tablet, giving you a full-size keyboard complete with faux key-clicking sounds as feedback. The future is now!

Next, I took at an in-depth look at the Cooler Master NotePal LapAir notebook cooling pad. If you travel at all with your laptop, this is the kind of product that you’ll want to bring with you.

Unlike many other offerings in this sphere, the NotePal LapAir combines the elements of a lapdesk with the elements of a desk-based notebook cooling stand. The padded surface on the bottom makes it comfortable on your lap, but you could just as easily make use of it on a spare table kicking around at the local Internet cafe.

Be sure to read my full review, including the temperature benchmarks to see if this product really is effective in keeping down the heat on your portable PC.

And lastly, James gives us the inside scoop on the new ASRock A55 motherboard lineup. There are no fewer than three new boards for you to consider.

These motherboards for the FM1 Fusion socket ran the gamut from microATX (in the form of the A55M-HVS) to the top of the line A55 Pro3. Standard features include THX TruStudio, stepping up from 5.1 on the A55M-HVS and A55iCafe (ATX) to 7.1 on the Pro 3. Full specs and the original press release are included in James’ post.

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