Ever have the experience where you name a product after a particular feature, only to decide shortly thereafter that you don’t want that feature anymore? That’s what’s happening over in Amazon-land, because the online giant has released a software update for the Amazon Tap that effectively eliminates the need to tap it.

When the Amazon Tap launched last spring, alongside the Echo Dot, it was offered as a more affordable alternative to the Amazon Echo. You could still enjoy all of that Alexa intelligence, but you had to press the button on the Tap to “wake” Alexa rather than simply using your voice.

The new update provides a “hands-free” mode to the Bluetooth-enabled Tap, effectively giving it the same range of functionality as the Echo. You just have to make sure the Tap is connected to WiFi and it’s got battery. Portability is one of the advantages of the Tap, since the Echo has to stay plugged into the wall. Amazon says you’ll still get about eight hours of battery life with “hands-free” mode activated.

Now that you want an Amazon Tap more than ever, you can pick one up on Amazon for about $130, which is $50 less than the Amazon Echo.

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