The cloud storage wars continue as all the major players vie for the privilege of housing your increasingly large amount of data. You’ve got Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud,… the list goes on. And Microsoft has been trying to bait all of us over with promises of unlimited cloud storage and free storage when we switch from a competitor. Well, that might not be the only switch, because Microsoft may have just pulled an ugly bait-and-switch on all of us with OneDrive.

In a quiet little blog post published last night, Microsoft announced a number of critical changes to how OneDrive is going to work moving forward. The free accounts that once offered up to 15GB of storage will now be downgraded to just 5GB. That includes not only new users, but also existing ones. They’re also discontinuing the 15GB camera roll storage bonus, though the deals with companies like Samsung should still be unaffected.

The unlimited storage with Office 365 will be downgraded to 1TB, and the 100GB and 200GB plans will be replaced with a 50GB option.

Microsoft says that these changes to OneDrive are “in pursuit of productivity and collaboration,” but it sounds more like they underestimated how much free storage everyone was really going to use. The paid plans with OneDrive are still a good deal, especially since they can include Office 365, but the free deal doesn’t sound nearly as appealing anymore.

Via The Verge

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