If you’re a Windows Phone user and you’ve been itching to try out some top-notch cat emoticons, you’re in for a treat. Making true on Mircrosoft’s promise, Facebook Messenger is now available as an app for Windows Phone. While chatting has always been possible, the dedicated app adds group chat, stickers, and picture messaging.

This arrives shortly before the planned launch of the Windows Phone 8.1 update release, so things are somewhat exciting for Windows users right now. This dedicated app replaces the built-in Facebook messenger feature that was integrated into Windows Phone. Furthermore, Microsoft plans to tone down some of its key Facebook integration in the upcoming update, allowing Facebook to do more of their own thing.

Fans of Facebook should be pleased about Microsoft stepping down, because Facebook’s concentrated efforts should provide better results than what the Windows Phone integrations have supplied.

And FYI, I’m partial to the cat eating the donut.

via The Verge

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