We love our smartphones, but they may not exactly be the most secure of things. Sure, there are folks that have stuck by BlackBerry for their enterprise-level encryption, but what else can you do? Well, the folks at FreedomPop have recognized the “recent violations in consumer’s privacy across social networks and mobile devices,” so they have officially announced their new Privacy Phone.

Also dubbed the “Snowden” phone, the Privacy Phone is a modified version of a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S II. The key difference here is that your voice and text messages are protected via 128-bit encryption and all of your Internet data is protected through a secure encrypted VPN. And if you’re scared that the NSA is tracing your calls, you can even change your phone number at any time.

I’ve been a fan of the FreedomPop service and business model for some time and I still use my Overdrive Pro mobile hotspot to this day for some free data on the road. While the company still offers its completely free phone plan, the Privacy Phone is not eligible. Instead, you get three months of unlimited talk and text, plus 500MB. After that, the monthly fee is still only $10.

Oh and if you want to be even more anonymous and untraceable with your dealings, FreedomPop will even let you not only buy the Privacy Phone ($189, no contract) with Bitcoin, but you can even make your monthly payments with Bitcoin via BitPay. This isn’t for everyone and you are effectively using a three-year-old phone, but at least your privacy rights are being protected.

Via TC

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