Remember a little over ten years ago when we thought the UMPC was going to revolutionize the world of computing? Several companies got into the fray, including Sony VAIO, Gigabyte and HP, but it was a form factor that never really took off. Maybe it’s time for a triumphant return in the form of the oft-rumored but never really seen Microsoft Andromeda. Like, look at this thing.

These renders come by way of David Breyer (@D_Breyer) on Twitter, who based the images on the latest patents. The idea of a pocket Surface or a Surface Mini has been floating around for at least the last couple of years, but Microsoft has yet to formally announce much of anything.

When Microsoft first introduced the Surface PC (not to be confused with the tabletop thing that was also called the Surface), it was meant to blur the lines between what it meant to have a tablet and a laptop. And it has largely accomplished that goal with plenty of other companies following in their path, arguably including the iPad Pro.

With the Microsoft Andromeda Surface Mini (not to be confused with Google Andromeda OS), we’re supposed to be getting a device that blurs the lines between a smartphone and a notebook. Or a tablet. Or something. The best guess has this running Windows on an ARM processor, resulting in “a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience.”

At least, that’s how Microsoft refers to this device internally. The Microsoft Andromeda is just a codename for now and there’s no saying when it’ll ever become a reality. We’ve seen the beginnings of dual display mobiles already with the ZTE Axon M and the rumored Samsung folding phone.

Would you want something like this?

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