Whether you're trying to find your way around your own town or if you're in an entirely different part of the country (or world), it helps to have a navigation app on your smartphone. And something that I learned from taking a ride-along last year is that Waze is one of the best. Now, Waze has gotten even better by launching a new partnership with Spotify.

Streaming music and navigation go together like good friends and road trips, right? As part of this new partnership, you'll be able to bring your favorite Spotify playlists right into the Waze app itself. There's no more need to hop between apps to switch tracks or to bring up a new destination, because you can do it all through the integrated interface.

In addition to the Waze Beacons discussed last year, this should make your commute (or road trip) just a little more enjoyable, with or without Willie Nelson.

The integration works in both directions (bad pun intended). If you're inside the Waze app, you can access your Spotify playlists and easily change tracks. Only when it's safe to do so, of course. And if you're inside the Spotify app, you can start navigating with Waze without having to leave Spotify too. And if you really want to switch between the two apps completely, you can do that with one tap when your car is at a complete stop.

After you get it all set up, your Spotify playlists can start playing automatically as soon as your journey begins. Of course, you can switch things up on the go too. Just come to a complete stop first. Waze and Spotify will be rolling out this new feature to Android users over the next few weeks starting today. And, as always, it's free.

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