In the short term, the overwhelming majority of us are still going to drive around in our pollutomobiles, even if huge advances are made in terms of fuel economy and emissions control. Looking ahead to the future, though, we should be much more mindful about how we get around town. And we want to get there safely too. Put those two together and we are on the eve of a Volvo electric car that could give the Tesla Model 3 a serious run for its money. Or drive. Whatever.

Over at the Geneva Motor Show that’s happening right now, Volvo Car USA CEO Lex Kerssemakers dropped a bomb on us: the first ever Volve fully electric vehicle will make its debut in about two years. What’s more, this car will be priced around $35,000 to $40,000 and offer a range of 250 miles.

If those numbers sound familiar, it’s because they’re right in line with what is becoming an increasingly competitive segment of the market. Or at least a segment that will be, because the Tesla Model 3 will also be priced about the same, though with a slightly shorter range. The Chevy Bolt EV is also about $37,000 and goes up to 255 miles on a single charge. The BMW i3 is a little more at around $42,000 with a range of 80 to 100 miles with the standard battery.

The Volvo CEO wasn’t quite so quick to reveal any other details, but you’ll notice that most of the other competitors in this space have little compact people-movers. Given Volvo’s stronger brand in the crossover and SUV market and weaker presence with compact vehicles, is it possible that the Volvo EV will have a look similar to the XC40 concept pictured above?

Even outside of electric cars, the compact crossover market is getting big (bad pun intended). From the Honda HR-V to the Ford EcoSport to the Mazda CX-3, people want the utility of a crossover with the fuel economy of a compact. Now replace that fuel economy with a full electric, backed by a strong tradition for exceptional safety, and Volvo could have a winner here.

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