TRENDnet has released a variety of wired and wireless networking hardware over the years, but their latest product, the Powerline 500 AV Adapter, may make getting online easier than ever by using the existing power lines in your home to connect media players, smart televisions, game consoles, and more to the Internet.

You’ll need two adapters to get everything started. Plug one into an electrical socket and then plug your router into that adapter. Then plug another adapter into a socket near your television or whatever device you want to get online. That adapter can hold up to four Ethernet cables and will use a secure signal pushed through the electrical system to take all four devices online.

It’s a clever idea and could be very useful to those who have Internet-capable devices all around the house, but don’t want to string cables throughout their home or rely on a fading wireless signal. The adapters can be purchased for $59.99 each.

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TRENDnet Ships Powerline 500 AV Adapter with Four Integrated Ports

TORRANCE, Calif. -July 23, 2013- TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, today announces the availability of the 4-Port Powerline 500 AV Adapter, model TPL-4052E. New media center devices such as smart televisions, media players, network video recorders, receivers, and game consoles can now connect directly to the Internet. TRENDnet’s TPL-4052E connects up to four devices to the Internet simultaneously, using existing electrical lines.

Network one adapter to a router, then plug another adapter into any outlet on the same electrical system for instant high speed network access. TRENDnet adapters connect automatically to each other over a secure encrypted signal with no CD installation required. To maintain 500 Mbps Powerline speeds, all networked adapters need to be 500 rated. For additional security, press the Sync button to change existing encryption keys. Embedded power saving technology lowers power consumption up to 70% in standby mode – resulting in measurable power savings, given that the device is always on.

“People are learning how easy it is to install Powerline. Simply plug in Powerline adapters and they auto connect over an encrypted signal,” stated Zak Wood, director of global marketing for TRENDnet.


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