Every office has one: that guy (or gal) who somehow has decided it is their right to eat anything they find in the community refrigerator regardless of who brought it, whose name is on it, or that it leaves someone else without lunch. Maybe it’s you, although I hope not. There are any number of ways you can try to save your food, from keeping it in your desk (although as we know with candy thieves this may not work either) to carrying a small cooler with you at all times to just giving up and never bringing food to work. But this is something I think would not only be an awful lot of fun, but might actually cure the villain of his or her nefarious ways.

It’s a Tupperware Alarm. BGH has teamed up with Tupperware to create these dishes for leftovers that will keep your lunch safe from sticky fingers. It’s actually a remote-controlled anti-theft monitoring system kind of like the one you would find in a car, but designed to ensure that no one but you can enjoy last night’s lasagna unless you decide to share. If someone breaks the seal without first disabling the alarm with the remote, a siren goes off, alerting everyone in the office to the fact that someone’s hands are decidedly not where they belong.

I love this. It might not be something you would use right away, but for those of you dealing with a habitual offender it’s certainly a good way to get your point across where other methods have failed. This could also come in handy at home, if you happen to have kids or a spouse who don’t understand that just because there is something in the refrigerator, it does not mean they can eat it whenever they want. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on pricing or availability, but it should be coming soon.

Source: GizmoDiva

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