The first smartwatches that got any semblance of mass market attention, at least among the geekier tech enthusiasts like myself, didn’t look like regular wristwatches at all. The Sony Smwartwatch SW2, for example, is just a black square attached to a black strap. That’s now changed and the “in” thing to do is to produce a round watch face, like on the Moto 360… except that’s way too bulky. The newly announced Pebble Time Round completely changes the game.

As you can probably figure out from its name, the Pebble Time Round has a round face instead of a square one. Aside from that, the actual guts of this watch are practically identical to the Pebble Time Steel that was launched just earlier this year. You get the same interface, though adapted for the round display and the same buttons. You even get the same stainless steel construction.

What’s cool here is that the Pebble Time Round is thinner and lighter than ever before. The way they accomplished this is that they had to sacrifice the larger battery for a smaller one, pushing the 10-day battery life to just two days. That puts it roughly on par with other major smartwatches, but it’s a far cry from what you get from other Pebbles. The upside is that a 15-minute charge will give you another 24 hours of life.


But seriously, look at how thin this thing is. The Pebble Time Round is just 7.5mm thick, putting it closer to the territory of a “normal” watch than the bulky mess that most smartwatches have become. That’s the Moto 360 on the left, in case you’re wondering, which has an 11mm profile by comparison. And if you look at the image at the top of this post, you’ll notice that the Pebble Time Round comes in a few different case styles and you can choose between 20mm or 14mm straps.


The Pebble Time Round will list for $250 when it hits shelves on November 8th. The Timeline apps will adapt automatically to the round face, while developers can nab the SDK to adapt their existing apps to fit the round interface too.

Source: Gizmodo

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