If you use an Android smart watch, be prepared for a major update. And by major update, I mean a very minor one. I’m using sarcasm. Oreo for Android Wear is rolling out now and it’s bringing with it an assortment of minor upgrades, yet they all serve their purpose.

Once you get the update, you’ll be able to change the strength of the vibration, there will be a touch lock option for wet conditions, and there will be support for seven new countries/languages. There will also be changes in regards to notification channels and battery savings background limits. Like I said, it’s a very minor update, but they’re far from useless features.

The Android Oreo update was announced via their Google Plus page, making Google the sole remaining user of Google Plus. The update is arriving at different times for different manufacturers, so if you don’t get it for a while, don’t blame Google.

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