Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, although I’m pretty much always working and don’t often get to attend a party. I know a lot of you do, though, so I figured I’d put together a little collection of accessories and other gadgets to give your party planning that something extra that will make it even more special.

First up is the cleaver ring. You can wear it on whatever two fingers you choose, and it’s up to you if you want to add the fake blood or not. The blade is sterling silver, and the handle is wood. This one was created by Etsy seller Raul Souza, and if you want one you’re going to have to shell out $190.00 US. It’s pretty darn neat.

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One thing I have never been good at is carving pumpkins. I mean, yeah, I can manage a serviceable mouth, nose and eyes, but I simply lack the artistic ability and dexterity necessary to do a truly unique carving. Which means for people like me, this Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-In is a godsend. It includes all the pieces you need: helmet, chest plate, and arms…one of which is holding a light saber. For about $20.00 US, you never have to risk life and limb carving a pumpkin again.

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If you’re having a party, you’re probably going to have beverages whether they are of the adult or soft variety. Why not serve them from a pumpkin keg? This one comes to you from KegWorks, and it turns any pumpkin into a beverage server. You can even get more use out of it by attaching it to a watermelon, or I suppose any other gourd-like fruit or vegetable that can be hollowed out. The Pumpkin Tap Kit can be yours for about $30.00 US.

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Perhaps wine is more your style of beverage. That works, too! Just set your bottle into this really very cute witch’s shoe and you’re good to go. It’s made of resin, hand-painted, measures 9.8 x 8.5 x 4.5 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds. Add one to your holiday table for around $30.00 US.

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Beverages need to be chilled, and it’s no fun to make plain old square or rectangle ice cubes. Instead, use the Boo Cubes tray to make eight chilly little ghosts at a time and watch the smiles on your friends faces. I would use them year-round, but then I’m like that. The tray is made of silicone, which means you can also use it to make candy or cupcakes if you’d rather. Each tray costs $9.99 US.

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You’re going to want something to put your beverage of choice in to drink it, no? How about a zombie goblet? Each zombie hand stands on the stump of its wrist and cradles a seven-ounce glass bowl. The bases are made of very detailed, hand-painted resin. Each goblet will cost you about $36.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


Alex Wer has no need for the Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-Ins above. He’s obviously a master pumpkin carver, because this is amazing. Not only am I in awe of the detail involved here, but once I got over the technical details I realized the scene depicted here is actually the USS Enterprise vs. Millennium Falcon. I can’t even begin to guess how that would come out if it were to actually happen. Obviously this one cannot be bought, but it was too neat to leave out.

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Parties require food as well as beverages as a rule. Why not make some goodies using this 3D skull cake pan? Obviously you can make a cake in it, but you could also mold a cheese ball in the shape of a skull that would be pretty cool. The pan is made of aluminum, and costs $39.95 US.


Your kids will think these are the neatest breakfast they’ve eaten all year. Skull pancake molds! Just place the molds handle-side-up on a preheated griddle or skillet, pour in your batter, and cook as you normally would. Skull pancake molds can grace your kitchen for just $19.95 US.


It would’ve been a lot more fun if they’d used the skull-shaped pancakes in the picture with the skull-shaped spatula, but you can do it at your house if you buy them both. This spatula is flexible, with a metal handle and a nylon-silicone skull that will allow you to flip your pancakes, or serve whatever else you might need. Each one costs just $12.95 US.

Source: Gizmodiva

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