Good news, fellow fans of Google and Nintendo. After sitting around and twiddling our thumbs doing other things for the last three months, Super Mario Run for Android is finally going to grace us with its presence on March 23.

As you might recall, Nintendo told us in January that Super Mario Run for Android would be coming in March and they're keeping up their end of the bargain. While they didn't make any specific indications one way or the other, the assumption is that the Android version of the game will follow the same pricing model as the iOS version. This means that you can download it for free, but it'll cost you $9.99 US (or $13.99 Canadian) to unlock all the levels.

Even though the game has been dubbed super imperfect by most critics, it was successful enough to rake in $53 million in its first month. At the time, only 5% of people who downloaded Super Mario Run actually paid for the full version. Seeing how iOS users are generally more spendy than Android users, this may not bode well for Super Mario Run for Android.

That being said, this redux of the game's launch is coinciding with the release of version 2.0., which will presumably roll out to the iOS title too. With Super Mario Run 2.0, you get more characters, plus the ability to play World 1-4 for free if you complete a challenge.

If you're super anxious to stomp on some goombas, you can pre-register in the Google Play Store for your copy of Super Mario Run for Android. Or just wait until March 23 and mash on that "install" button when it pops up.

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