Self-driving cars have come a long way in a short amount of time, but not every self-driving car is created equal. Uber is having issues with their cars, issues that are forcing human drivers to intervene and correct the car’s mistakes – every mile.

The mistakes include things like the cars not detecting unclear lane markings, missing turns, and being thrown off by bad weather. There are also auto issues, like hard decelerations and abrupt car jerks that also required drivers to take over.

Then there are the “critical interventions,” the instances where a car would have damaged property or hit another car/driver. These are actually down from one every 114 miles to every 200 miles, but that numer has been rising and falling.

So things aren’t going well for Uber, but the performance of their cars isn’t the only problem. Google has accused Otto, the autonomous trucking company that Uber acquired last year, of working with material’s stolen from Waymo, Google’s own self-driving car division. Google has asked the court to put a stop to Uber’s self-driving operations.

Crime doesn’t pay kids.

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