A few weeks ago at PAX Prime in Seattle, our own Michael Kwan had the pleasure of interviewing some of the guys from the Los Gatos-based developer Sixense about their new wireless motion tracking platform for videogames and virtual reality. Those looking forward to the platform will be happy to know that the STEM System now has a Kickstarter campaign up and running.

And as of this writing, they've blown past their $250,000 goal by almost $100,000.

The Kickstarter page has only been up since this morning, but 1,379 backers have already guaranteed that the STEM System will see the light of day. The blindingly-fast fundraising should stand as a testament to Sixense's ability to not only create a viable product but to also get people excited. They're calling the system the "next evolution in motion tracking technology" and it's pretty clear that people believe them.

The first STEM Systems are scheduled to arrive in July of next year. Check out the full press release for the details.

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Wireless Motion Tracking Platform Enables Natural and Intuitive Interaction with Digital Media


LOS GATOS, Calif.,Sept 12, 2013-Sixense, a leader in motion tracking hardware and software, today announced that it has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign for the STEM System, the company's new wireless motion tracking platform for video games and virtual reality (VR). The Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of $250,000, will fund the final stages of development and production for the STEM System. Backers around the world can support the project at:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/89577853/stem-system-the-best-way-to-interact-with-virtual

The STEM System is the next evolution in Sixense motion tracking technology. It features longer range, wireless operation, support for up to five modular trackers (STEMs) and better tracking performance at all ranges. In addition to providing backward compatibility with applications and games powered by earlier Sixense motion tracking technology, the STEM System is designed as an open platform for creators of software and hardware products, enabling developers to create content and embed STEMs in their own peripherals.

"By launching the STEM System through Kickstarter, we can forge an essential partnership with users and developers," said Amir Rubin, co-founder of Sixense. "We look forward to getting the STEM System into the community so they can start developing great games and applications that take advantage of motion tracking and control, and allow everyone to interact with digital media in the most natural and intuitive way possible."


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