As a wee little gamer kid, I played a few incarnations of SimCity while I was growing up. When Maxis’s “reboot” was announced, I was thrilled to get into the beta and played it extensively. Then the retail game hit, I purchased it immediately, and then promptly couldn’t play it because of a combination of EA’s always-online DRM and terrible server issues.

One year later and a few weeks later, Maxis is finally delivering an offline mode in Update 10. The game will still require Origin to play, but you don’t have to be online to actually play.

This isn’t just a way around potential server issues; it’s ideal for players who want to build their city without worrying about interference from their neighbors. Online and offline cities are separate, however, so don’t expect to build a city offline and then take it online.

As Cheech Marin says in Ghostbusters II: “Better late than never.”

via The Verge

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