Why yes, you did read that right. If you’re trying to conserve water either because it’s a good thing to do or because your government has declared it so (I’m looking at you, California), then Spiky may well be the shower curtain you’ve been looking for.

Designed by artist Elisabeth Buecher for exhibit at the Milan Furniture Fair, Spiky is a creative way to go green with a bit of whimsy. If you shower for more than four minutes (a time which seems ridiculously short to me since it takes me that long just to get my hair wet enough to wash), Spiky will inflate and stab you, forcing you out of the shower. Of course, it only really does its job if you also turn off the water, but I assume you’d take the stabby reminder and do so.

Of course, something like this is a lawsuit waiting to happen, since people are, well, people. Which means Spiky is unfortunately not a real product you can buy, but rather just an art piece. But I bet it wouldn’t take a lot of engineering to make one of your own! And you could set it for a more reasonable time frame than just four minutes. I kind of want one, just because sometimes in the morning I zone out and forget why I’m standing in the room of rain, which requires a reminder so I don’t stand there until the hot water is gone… I am decidedly not a morning person.

Source: Geekologie

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