If you live where it is winter and also have floors not covered by carpet, you know how horrible it is to roll out of bed and put your toasty bare feet on what seems like a block of ice. It doesn’t matter how warm your house is; wood, tile, or linoleum floors get cold! And let’s not even talk about basements.

Rugbuddy turns what were formerly cold floors you tried your best to avoid into warm, comfortable places where you want to spend time. Even basements! Simply lay down a rug pad (not included), then Rugbuddy, then top it off with a rug, and you’re well on your way to toasty warmth. Not only will your floors be warm enough to stand on comfortably, but the temperature of your whole room will increase. And all for less cost than turning up the thermostat.

Rugbuddy works like a sort of combination space heater and electric blanket. You plug it into a standard wall outlet, and its GFCI protected plug has an on/off switch integrated for ease of use. The heater is only 1/16th of an inch thick, and because it uses just 365 watts it costs less than 5 cents per hour of use. Obviously you don’t want to use it as your primary heating source, but it would be useful for those aforementioned basement spaces, wouldn’t it?


Don’t worry about spills, either! Rugbuddy is waterproof. It can also be hard-wired into a thermostat, or used with a timer. It measures just under 5′ x 7′, so it’ll work in most rooms. Radiant heat has been proven more effective than forced air, since it comes from below. As we know, heat rises, so you need to produce less heat from below than you would from above to achieve the same temperature.

If you’d like to get a Rugbuddy of your very own, you’ll have to spend about $250.00 US. In addition, if you don’t already own them you’ll have to buy a rug pad and rug, because Rugbuddy cannot be used by itself. But it’s still way cheaper than installing heated floors, and useful in many more places.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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