The iPhone 5 is right around the corner, with the official announcement coming tomorrow, September 12th, so this is about the time that accessory partners start to release their products. Of course that means that these partners get the iPhone 5 specs, at least the physical specs, before we do.

As part of their 3DPCase 3D printing app launch, Sculpteo is offering the first-ever customizable 3D printed iPhone 5 case. Starting tomorrow afternoon, customers will be able to use the 3DPCase iOS app to order their own customized case for their future iPhone 5. Each case will have the date and time printed on the inside on the case, so if you order a case on the first day, before the iPhone launch, you’ll have proof of your diehard Apple fandom.

Sculpteo clarifies that the cases will be adapted to fit the iPhone 5, since the cases are available before the specs are released to the public. Obviously, Sculpteo is not going to leak the details themselves.

With the popularity of 3D printing on the rise, this is a great idea, and will hopefully cut down on the number of cookie cutter accessories. Sculpteo customizable cases will be affordable, with costs starting at $19.95.

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Paris September 11, 2012. As part of the launch of the3DPCaseby Sculpteo app, Sculpteo will enable people to customize and order an iPhone 5 case from the 3DPCase by Sculpteo app starting from Wednesday afternoon (European time) before the official Apple announcement in the US.

Each unique iPhone case will be printed with the date and time when it is ordered, which will be marked on the inside of the case. Therefore, people who order them on the 12thSeptember will have a case which will be one of the first ever cases ordered on the day (or even before) the iPhone 5 is launched!

Due to the fact that it will be possible to order the cases before the layout of the iPhone 5 is publicly released, each design will be instantly adapted according to the precise iPhone 5 layout. If there is any radical changes in the shape customers will be informed immediately before their iPhone case is printed and delivered. Each customer is guaranteed to receive an iPhone 5 case which will fit their phone perfectly. This demonstrates how 3DPCase is designed to provide bespoke manufacturing and files can be easily and instantly adapted before the cases undergo the printing process.

About 3DPCase by Sculpteo
The 3DPcase by Sculpteo app is now available to download for free from theAppStoreand is designed to democratize 3D printing because the service is designed to be affordable with iPhone cases costing from just 19.95$. It is extremely simple to use and fun!

Choose from a range of designs which can be customized including a case which incorporates your profile pictures, cases with different 3D printed text, textures and patterns and the opportunity to integrate your own name or message. The designs result from a combination of the latest 3D-printing technology and traditional skills like embroidery or traditional printing. Some cases are DIY kits that you can enjoy finishing yourself at home. There are concepts fromdesigners such as NoDesign Studio, The Society for Printable Geography, Cinemo, Glucose Sweet Design and many more…

Key Features of 3DPCase by Sculpteo:

  • The first ever app to enable you to customize 3D printed iPhone cases and order them directly from your Smartphone
  • Free from the Appstore on iOS devices
  • Affordable: a 3D printed iPhone case costs on average 19.95 $
  • Delivery starting from 2 days throughout Europe, 4 days worldwide
  • Designs from top international designers
  • Sculpteo are experts in 3D printing so each iPhone case is printed with high quality advanced technology
  • Simple, fun to use and creative! The ultimate customized iPhone accessory


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