More Trigger-Happy Nail Gunners Get Hurt

Nail guns can nowadays be bought at a reasonable price by anyone in virtually all DIY stores in the USA. Although this tool is very convenient to the experienced workman, many would-be carpenters still have a long way to go before they can use this instrument in a safe and efficient manner. Recent statistics show that the number of casualties due to nail gun injuries has tremendously increased in the last few years and the author of a new report on this particular occupational hazard urges the manufacturers to install better safety device on their tool.

A safety training for clumsy DIYers should also be considered, the report says. Will we soon need a license to carry – and maybe also use – such tools and re-write the Second Amendment of the US Constitution?

“A well regulated workforce, being necessary to the running of a free House, the right of the people to keep and bear Tools, shall not be infringed.”

Or should those people be just be told to use their brain before they use their hands? That would be the simplest solution…

According to new statistics that would make Bob Vila cringe, the number of injuries from nail guns has almost doubled since 2001. And researchers say that more and more it is do-it-yourselfers who are feeling the pain.

Source: Duke University Medical Center

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