The PC case market continues to be one of the most diverse thanks to personal style being a factor. While your personal choice in look, style, or color are important, you can’t deny when a case just has a great set of features. BitFenix strives to provide consumers like myself both the style you want and the features you love with their new Ghost mid-tower case.

The features of the BitFenix Ghost are for silence and versatility. The noise is minimized thanks to the quiet Spectre fans, Serentek Silencing Material, and top compartment designed for a 240 mm radiator in your water cooling loop. All the other bullet points from the reversible front door to the S4 Hot Swap and storage area expand its options. The whole package is completed with the BitFenix NanoChrome Surface Treatment and pre-installed Alchemy LED lights (tri-colored) for a flare of style.

BitFenix didn’t just stop there. You will also find two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel, anti-vibration HDD trays, plenty of room for long graphics cards, and a great build quality. The BitFenix Ghost has a ridiculous MSRP of $99 USD. Even if the look is not what you want, where else are you going to get all these great features for under $100? The guide tour is below as well as the press release for full details on all these features.

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The most dangerous opponent is the one you can’t hear. Designed for silence, Ghost features BitFenix Serenitek™ Silencing material on the front door and side panels to keep unwanted system noise from throwing you off your game. Ghost comes ready for 240 mm water cooling radiators, while the top-mounted S4™ storage compartment houses a SATA hot swap port for convenient file transfers. The outside is coated with BitFenix NanoChrome™, a new surface treatment which gives both metal and plastic a uniform look. The dual-hinge door design gives you the flexibility to open the door from the left or the right on-the-fly. Whisper-quiet Spectre™ fans keep both noise and temperatures down, and anti-vibration HDD trays dampen noise even further. With support for long graphics cards, Alchemy LED strips, the latest solid-state drives and USB 3.0, Ghost gives you everything you need to strike fear in the hearts of your opposition.


  • BitFenix Serenitek™ Silencing Material – Silence is golden. Developed by BitFenix Labs, this acoustic foam layer absorbs unwanted system noise from fans and hard drives, while maintaining a light and thin profile. Lining the inside of the side panels and the dual hinge door, Serenitek keeps noise trapped inside Ghost so you can focus on the task at hand.
  • Water Cooling Ready - What better way to cool a silent system than with liquid cooling? That’s why Ghost comes equipped with room for a 240 mm radiator on top, and hides it away with a handy mesh cover to maintain a clean look while delivering excellent airflow.
  • BitFenix S4™ Hot Swap and Storage – The deadliest weapons are the ones you can’t see. BitFenix S4 gives you a handy compartment to store mobile phones, hard disks and other accessories, and also comes with a SATA hot swap port for convenient file storage.
  • BitFenix NanoChrome™ Surface Treatment – Another BitFenix Labs creation, Ghost is covered with NanoChrome Surface Treatment. Combining a high-temperature glaze with metallic dust, NanoChrome seamlessly blends plastic and metal together for a smooth texture and unified look across the entire chassis surface.
  • Whisper-Quiet Spectre™ Cooling – Renowned for silence, Ghost comes equipped with two 120 mm Spectre fans for excellent cooling and acoustic performance.
  • Anti-Vibration HDD Trays – Vibrations caused by rotating hard drives can be one of the noisiest parts of any system. Ghost comes fully loaded with anti-vibration HDD trays to drastically reduce the noise generated by HDD vibration.
  • Dual-Hinge Door Design – Unique to Ghost, the front door can be opened on the left or the right side on-the fly. No matter where you place your case or which hand you use to swing open the front door, Ghost conforms to you – not the other way around.
  • Pre-modded for Alchemy™ LED Strips – For an unbelievably awesome look, Ghost comes with rails on the underside that are specially designed to fit BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips.
  • Excellent Expansion and Connectivity – With native support for long graphics cards, solid state drives, and a hot swap bay, Ghost offers multiple expansion possibilities. Add to it two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, and Ghost is fully equipped to handle all of your USB peripherals as well.

BitFenix Quality

As a BitFenix chassis, Ghost comes with all the amenities and thoughtful touches that BitFenix is famous for. Tool-free drive locking mechanisms make installing drives a snap, while filtered intakes keep the insides free of dust and debris. A huge cutout on the motherboard tray allows for quick swapping of CPU coolers, and a luxurious powder-coated interior and multiple rubber-grommeted cable management holes allow for a great looking build, even on the inside.


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