This past weekend saw the airing of Super Bowl XVLII, which also means that it saw the airing of a new batch of Super Bowl commercials. It’s no secret that the commercials have become just as much of a phenomenon as the game itself and it’s not unheard of for non-sports fans to hold gatherings just to watch what airs in between the game.

I was pretty disappointed with this year’s offering compared to previous years, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few gems. I laughed, I smiled, I shook my head in disappointment. Here are my top five picks for best Super Bowl commercials this year.

Kia – Respect the Tech


Kia scores points right off the bat for featuring not just “hotbots” but ones that look like Milla Jovovich’s character in The Fifth Element. On top of that, I’m a big fan of physical humor, which the act delivers in spades. Respect the tech, people.

Tide – The Joe Montana Stain


As someone who shakes his head in disappointment every time someone flips their gourd over seeing a deity in a piece of toast, I loved Tide’s take on the fanatical. “No Stain is Sacred” is a pretty clever tagline too.

Oreo – Whisper Fight


Whispering is already a little silly, so this Oreo commercial featuring an all-out brawl erupting in a library is pretty funny, especially when there’s a cop whispering into a megaphone.

Mercedes-Benz – Soul


Let’s be honest, if you release a commercial that features Willem Dafoe playing the devil, you automatically get a spot on anybody’s “best of” list. To not give the devil his due would be downright dishonest.

Doritos – Goat 4 Sale


This is the commerical that got the biggest laugh from me, mainly because when goats yell like people, it’s hilarious. I’m tempted to buy a goat and feed it only Doritos.

So those are my five favorite Super Bowl commercials of 2013. However, we are a tech site and I feel obligated to give BlackBerry’s clever ad a rightfully earned honorable mention.

BlackBerry – What BlackBerry 10 Can’t Do


What commercials stood out to you guys? Feel free to share in the comments.

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