Regardless of your political leanings or your opinion on how the U.S. is doing, one thing is for certain – the internet is awesome. Not all countries think so, filtering out internet content that they deem objectionable. Rumor has it that Iran is taking it one step further by cutting off internet access to most of its citizens, replacing it with a government-regulated intranet. Institutions like banks, ministries, and big companies would still have access to the standard internet.

While everything about this stinks, it’s nonetheless impressive that the capabilities to do such a thing exist. It’s comforting to know that if the internet ever became heavily regulated, there might be ways around it, even if it included jettisoning cyberspace in favor of a new space.

Iran has since denied plans to cut off the internet, but if it were true and they were in the business of filtering information, I wouldn’t exactly expect an honest answer.

via Slash Gear

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