With the last few years having a trend of more primarily white PC cases available and sold, it is time for peripherals to get with the current style. Rosewill’s top selling mechanical keyboard, the RK-9000 is getting a new version for those with white cases in the Rosewill RK-9000I.

The RK-9000 current comes in 4 models with different Cherry switches (Red, Blue, Brown, and Black) to ensure your needs and/or preferences are meet. The RK-9000I will only come in two versions with either Cherry MX Blue switches (RK-9000I) or Cherry MX Brown switches (RK-9000BRI). These are the two most wanted Cherry switches for typing and gaming respectively. It also comes with both USB and PS/2 detachable cables.

There are no extra buttons, driver installations, key profiles, etc. This is about simply providing customers with keyboards that have high quality switches at an affordable price. Sometimes you just want to get a product that just works without all the extras you will rarely use anyway.

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Rosewill Releases a New Member of the their Best-Selling RK-9000 Series Mechanical Keyboard – Limited Edition Elite Ivory RK-9000I

Aug. 8, 2012 – The world’s leading hardware solution provider, Rosewill® announced their newest addition to the best-selling Rosewill® RK-9000 mechanical keyboard series. Making its world debut is the new Limited Edition Elite Ivory RK-9000I. Let this new keyboard design be an extension of your style while you game.

The current RK-9000 series has 4 models which feature the Cherry MX Blue (RK-9000), Brown (RK-9000BR), Black (RK-9000BL) and Red (RK-9000RE) Switches. It has been a top-seller for Rosewill since it launch in 2010. The new limited edition elite Ivory RK-9000I will be available in 2 variations which include Cherry MX Blue (RK-9000I) and Brown (RK-9000BRI) switches.

With these new additions, the Rosewill’s RK-9000 series provides more tailored options as a dream keyboard while continuing to be a best-selling mechanical keyboard.

The Rosewill® RK-9000 Series Mechanical Keyboard with world-class Cherry MX Switch design provides the user quick gaming response while offering the added bonus of a comfortable key stroke. Moreover, Rosewill’s® RK-9000 Series Keyboard is equipped with both gold plated USB and PS/2 connectors to provide a long lasting high quality connection.


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