Long live the king, the king of kings. This morning, Apple hit a market capitalization of $620 billion, making it the most valuable company ever. The previous record, $618.9 billion, was set by Microsoft back in 1999. With Microsoft standing at a current value of $256.7 billion, Apple has surpassed them by almost four hundred billion dollars. Apple is also worth over $200 billion more than Exxon Mobil, which is currently the second largest company in the world.

Apple can thank both its share price, which is just over $660 per share, and the number of outstanding shares available to investors for contributing to this milestone. The share price isn't staying put either, as rumors of a new iPhone and a smaller version of the iPad continue to drive the price up.

Here's the really impressive part: Apple's iPhone is bringing in more money than all of Microsoft combined. In the first quarter of 2012, Microsoft brought in $17.4 billion. The iPhone brought in $22.7 billion. That makes the iPhone alone worth more than Microsoft.

Of course, you could look at this all differently when you factor in inflation. Microsoft's 1999 total of $618.9 billion would be $851 billion in 2012 dollars. Does that change things? Even if it does, Apple is expected to cross that threshold as well.

via The Verge, Forbes

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