Remember that delicious rage you would feel when playing indie mobile hit Flappy Bird? Well get ready to feel it again. Although creator Dong Nguyen has been hard at work creating multiple games since he released (then pulled) Flappy Bird from app stores, his latest game – Ninja Spinki Challenges!! – is the first to really evoke the feel of his initial runaway hit.

Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is simple, addictive, and frustrating as all hell, so if you liked Flappy Bird, you’re going to love it. The game is comprised of “challenges,” most of which involve dashing around the screen while avoiding contact with some terrifying object. The mechanics are incredibly simple, involving a ninja that’s controlled with just your index finger, but the challenge is deep.

Nguyen actually pulled Flappy Bird after its addictive nature was supposedly causing himself and other players harm, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to the success of this new game. Nguyen actually created the game for Japanese game maker Obokaidem, so pulling it from the market may not be an option.

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