After seeing Michael’s earlier post on the new RagLite, we thought we’d throw another filmmaking product your way!

When it comes to capturing high quality audio for your video, especially when outdoors, the right equipment is required. So after you pick your shotgun microphone and your boompole, a blimp windshield should be next on your list. But it’s hard to justify the pricing for a bunch of plastic, some foam, and a bunch of rubber bands. So, hopefully, the way that RØDE has packaged this all up, makes it just a little bit more appealing.

RØDE has taken all they have learned in the field, from its reviewers, and from its R&D guys, and have come up with a new and improved blimp windshield that really does make other products look just a little archaic. There’s a new RYCOTE suspension system, upgraded cabling, plus it’s even lighter. All of this combines to reduce handling noise, to give you the best booming experience on set. Check out the video from the RØDE team below…

The new RØDE Blimp Windshield will be rolling out soon and works with all of their NTG series mics (1 through 3) and any other shotguns on the market that fit its dimensions. There wasn’t any word on expected pricing, but what we predict is that you’ll see a lot of great deals out there for the previous generation, as this new revision hits the shelves.

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RØDE Announces New and Improved Blimp Windshield

Thursday May 22nd 2014, Sydney Australia – Australian microphone manufacturer RØDE has today announced a fully updated version of its award-winning Blimp system. The new model is now twenty-five percent lighter, with Rycote® Lyre® suspension and premium Mogami cabling.

The original RØDE Blimp as launched in 2008, and quickly became the best-selling system of its kind. Upon release it was awarded both the European Red Dot and Australian International Design Award – two of the world’s most respected product design awards – recognising the Blimp as a product of sophisticated design, solving a number of challenges faced by location sound recordists.

This new version of the Blimp sees a range of functional improvements that make it unquestionably the best windshield and shock mounting accessory available.

Building on the system’s existing high level of performance, the Blimp’s shock mounting is now performed by the robust and user-friendly Lyre system, licensed from Rycote. Constructed from a single piece of hard-wearing thermoplastic, the Lyre provides superior acoustic suspension to traditional elastic solutions, and will never wear out, sag or snap. Whereas the previous Blimp required users to reconfigure the elastic suspension for heavier microphones, the Lyre is able to accommodate a range of microphones without any modification, making adjustments in the field even easier.

The Blimp’s handle has also been completely redesigned, reducing the product weight significantly, while increasing the ergonomics for handheld use. Housed inside the grip is a heavy-duty Mogami cable which splits via a junction box to a highly-flexible thin cable inside the Blimp, to minimise the transference of vibration to the microphone.

In addition to RØDE’s range of shotgun microphones – the NTG1, NTG2 and NTG3, the Blimp also accommodates most shotgun microphones up to 325mm (12 ¾”) in length. It attaches to any standard boompole via 3/8″ thread attachment at the base. RØDE also offers the Universal Blimp Mount as an option to remove the handle when the Blimp is being used primarily on a boompole to reduce weight.

An artificial fur windshield (affectionately known as a Dead Wombat) is included for outdoor use to minimise wind noise. Additionally a compact folding brush is supplied to maintain the Dead Wombat’s artificial fur.

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About RØDE microphones:
RØDE Microphones ( designs and manufactures high-quality microphones and related accessories for studio, live and location use. Its products are designed and primarily manufactured in Sydney, Australia and exported to over 100 countries globally.


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