Being someone who regularly operates a motor vehicle and is decidedly bad at it, I’m terrified of hitting pedestrians. I live in a small town and streetlights are few and far between, so it’s often up to those walking along the street to ensure that they’re visible. The Meizu Halo light-up earbuds will help you do that in style.

The earbuds use Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX and have a 1.5-meter cable and that flashes neon red or blue. At 50-percent brightness, it can last for an average of five hours. With the lights off, they’ll go for fifteen hours. They charge to full capacity in about an hour and a half. There are switches for the lights, volume control, Bluetooth pairing, and call functions, and a smartphone app controls the brightness and lighting modes.

They use a light-diffusing fiber that’s made of a flexible glass that can be bent. The fiber is Fibrance from Corning, which is also used in Glow’s $139 light-up earbuds. Halo costs a little more at $158 (999 yuan) in China. They come with a carrying case, different sized earbud tips, and a charging cable. As of right now it’s unknown if they’ll be available outside of China.

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