A friend of mine recently made a rather poignant observation. Every blogger wants to be a YouTuber. And every YouTuber wants to be a podcaster. It’s kind of true, as you see where “content creators” are shifting their energies these days. If you’re ready to step up your audio game, you might be interested in a new premium USB mic from the good folks at Blue. The Blue Yeti Nano is exactly what it sounds like it is.

As you might imagine, the Blue Yeti Nano borrows a lot of its inspiration from the full-blown Yeti microphone. It’s smaller in size — about half as big, actually — and it’s a few bucks cheaper too at $99.99. That being said, it’s not really that much cheaper.

For perspective, the Blackout Yeti USB mic bundled with Assassin’s Creed Origins is only $119 and you can go even cheaper if you want with the Blue Snowball for less than $50. In this way, the Blue Yeti Nano isn’t really the most budget-friendly option out there for podcasters, streamers and YouTubers. But it’s another great option.

The Blue Yeti Pro at about $250 is in another league altogether. If you’re thinking about that, you’re probably not thinking about the Blue Yeti Nano. With the smaller mic, you get great sound quality, sample rates of up ot 24-bit/48kHz, two condenser mic caps, single and omni-directional pickup modes, and no-latency headphone output. You do lose stereo mode and bidirectional mode, however.

Check out the official product page for more information. The Blue Yeti Nano is available now for $99.99 in your choice of Cubano Gold, Red Onyx, Shadow Grey or Vivid Blue.

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