Due to its massive userbase, Reddit has a wildly mixed reputation. For many, especially those who aren’t intimately familiar with the Internet, it’s the source of all the evil, sort of like the shadowy place in The Lion King. However, it can also be a repository of fantastic content, and now they’re pushing further in that direction by producing their own video content.

While many may associate Reddit with pictures of cats and videos of people getting injured in comical ways, it’s not just a directionless dumping ground for wacky content. Reddit is a creature with a head, and that head is turning it into a multimedia powerhouse with a recently launched newsletter, podcast, and now this, which they’re kicking off with two video producers that they lured away from The Verge.

Reddit will produce “short-form, fast-turnaround video” as well as “longer-form episodic content.” The first series will be a video version of their “Ask Me Anything” crowd-sourced interviews, which have hosted actors, authors, activists, musicians, and even Presidents of the free world, and by that I just mean Barack Obama.

Online video is more lucrative than ever and mixed with Reddit’s neverending stream of original content, this might be the smartest thing the website has ever done.

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