One of the more brilliant inventions recently, at least in my opinion, is the USB/AC power adapters. Because as we all know, there is not always a power outlet available, especially if you’re travelling (how many of you have paid for time on a charging station at the airport?). The drawback is that sometimes the AC portion of the cord wanders away when you’ve been using it as a USB cord for a while. Or, conversely, you don’t have enough AC adapters, so all your stuff needs to be charged via USB. Depending on how many devices you’ve got, there probably are not enough USB ports available on your computer, even if you’ve bought a hub.

Quattro can help you with that to some extent, albeit only while you’re at home. What this provides is a four-port USB outlet right in your wall. It will replace a regular AC outlet, and gives you the ability to charge four USB devices at one time. How neat is that? It delivers 22 watts of power, and draws no standby power, making it earth-friendly as well.

Now, if you’re not electrically inclined, I would recommend hiring a professional (or at least a knowledgeable friend) to install this for you. But for those of us who look at wiring as just another thing we have to do in any given day, it’s dirt simple to install. Just remove your existing outlet (of course, you know to turn the power off first, right?), and attach the Quattro in its place. Easy, no? But seriously… if you’re uncomfortable doing it, please don’t. Electrocution is not your friend.

If you’re worried about not having an AC outlet because you’ve replaced it with USB ports, there is a model available that has one regular power outlet and two USB ports, so you’re covered. All this charging goodness can be yours for right around $40.00 US.

Source: Coolest Gadgets

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