Google isn’t the only one looking to develop augmented reality headgear. Olympus, who has been looking to develop wearable displays for upwards of 20 years, is finally ready to enter the market with the 30g MEG4.0. The system sits on one side of the glasses and connects to a tablet or phone via Bluetooth, which feeds information into a 320 x 240 virtual screen that sits above the user’s eye line. The system should last eight hours on a single charge, but Olympus claims that the glasses are designed for use in short bursts.

Olympus actually unveiled a pair of AR glasses a few years ago, the Mobile Eye-Trek, but they never hit the retail market. They were simply a prototype and Olympus pointed to a 2012 release for an actually production version.

Details are scarce and nothing is yet known in the way of user interface, release date, or pricing. It’s probably a pretty safe bet that Olympus is going to be seen as jumping on the AR bandwagon thanks to Google Glass, but that is not the case and the 30g MEG4.0 could be a serious competitor.

via Tech Crunch

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