Most of the time, I can take or leave the TV. However, I know I'm in the minority, and while DVRs have changed the way we watch TV, sometimes you want to see something as it happens. Hockey leaps to mind for me, because I don't want to watch what happened even a couple of minutes later. The thing is, sometimes you have to use the bathroom, and you can't always wait for a convenient commercial break.

The Trinity Lighted Mirror TV is designed to solve this admittedly first world problem, but it's a pretty darn fine solution. In addition to being a mirror in which you can view your reflection, it's got a 15.6 inch, 720p, 1080i, 16:9 widescreen LED HDTV inside! It features both an HDMI and RF input, as well as an ATSC/NTSC QAM TV Tuner and a left/right audio out. Its tiny speakers are optimized for high quality stereo sound, and it even comes with a waterproof and buoyant remote so you can watch TV while you soak in the tub.


When you're not watching TV, that surface reverts back to a mirror so you're not missing a huge chunk of what you're trying to see. In addition, there is the part that makes this the Trinity Lighted Mirror TV: Five integrated 36 watt, 120 volt, T5HO fluorescent bulbs that form a circle to provide even light no matter what you're trying to see. The entire thing measures 2.5" deep x 42" high x 42" wide.

Of course, this would be handy for watching things other than the game... You can watch the news while you get ready for work in the morning, watch a movie while you're taking a bath, or use it for the music channels. However, you're going to have to pay quite a bit for the privilege. The Trinity Lighted Mirror TV runs $4,560.00 US. Maybe I'll just stick with running to the bathroom during a commercial.

Source: Red Ferret

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