Have you ever watched a movie or, better yet, a cartoon where some sort of flying contraption loses a propeller or a wing and just aimlessly spins in circles before inevitably crashing into the ground? Well The Monospinner seems to be the result of its creators watching that same cartoon and deciding to engineer a flying machine that intentionally does that and only that.

The Monospinner flies with only one propeller. It can’t remain still, because that requires more propellers and more power, and because of that it certainly can’t take remotely reliable camera footage, but it can fly. If you call that flying. Oh, and it will crash if you don’t actively prevent it from doing so.

All joking aside, the Monospinner is a pretty cool engineering feat, and its conception comes from the most wonderful place inventions come from: curiosity. Its creators just wanted to know if they could do it, so they did it. They didn’t plan on taking the drone market by storm. Not yet, at least. I have a feeling that the team behind Monospinner will use this experience to build a better, simplerdrone.

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